Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Website!!

My new website was designed on iweb using one of their templates. Fetch Softworks uploaded my info to my server. Thanks to Scott McGuire at  Fetch Softworks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Commission Example

Yes I do commissions. this is a good example of just that. This is a cottage which the owner wanted a picture done presumably to view in the off season in his other home.
This is 9th Street East in Owen Sound.  The Roxy Theatre is a huge attraction to this street. Chaise Lounge Restaurant and Jazzmans are hot spot eateries and after hours entertainment establishments. CFOS Radio Station and The Sun Times newspaper also live on this street just to mention a few.

Grey County Barn

This is a typical Grey-Bruce barn. They are getting a bit rare in the countryside. Once they're down they aren't replaced. Someone told me there is no foundation. They were just built at ground level. The cattle's heat kept the barn from freezing preventing the foundation from shifting or heaving. Once they became vacant ... well you guessed it  ... they came tumbling down.

Bayshore Feed Mill

This watercolour painting is of the Bayshore Feed Mill. It is a notable landmark of Owen Sound, Ontario

Leith Church

This is the church where Tom Thompson the famous Group of Seven painter is buried. It is located on the east shore of Owen Sound just past the Leith Bridge. Watch for signs.

Hepworth Catholic church

This church celebrated it's 100th anniversary a couple of years ago. It is a quaint, petit, well designed church that appears structurally sound. The population swells to it's limit during the summer months when cottagers frequent Sauble Beach and surrounding areas. This church was a pleasure to paint.

Owen Sound Market

This is the familiar market building in Owen Sound, the hub of activity on Saturday Mornings. Fresh fish,  bread, eggs, meats, baked goods and professional artisans.

Bobby Ryan Hockey Player . Painting by Sue Allison

This acrylic painting was a commission. Bobby Ryan was presented
this framed art at the game in the Owen Sound Bayshore Harry Lumley Arena the night he broke the top scoring record. Since then he has moved on from the Owen Sound Attack to another league in the States.

Owen Sound Harbour in the Winter

Each year we enjoy the ships mooring in Owen Sound harbour.  All of them winter over at various locations on the Great Lakes. In that time they take a break from the rolling seas they have encountered during the season.

Friday, April 16, 2010